Une splendeur de vivre
In developpement, Production Le Foyer 

During a scorching summer, four young women will be transformed by a significant encounter. The Splendour of Life is a sensual film that explores how we relate to each other in a changing world that transcends us. 

✼ FeatureLab 2023 — Torino Film Lab
✼ Coproduction Forum Europe-Amérique latine, San Sebastian 2022
✼ TIFF Filmmaker Lab 2021 — Recipient TIFF Worb Filmmaker Fellowship
✼ Rencontres de Coproduction Francophone, Bruxelles 2021
✼ Pitch Netflix X FNC 2021

(c) Ariel Méthot

Back Home
In developpement, Production Metafilms

Back Home explores the reality of migrant mothers from the Philippines living in Montreal, through the observation of the balikbayan tradition, a big cardboard box containing gifts sent to their families overseas. The film takes an intimate look at the notion of care, separation and sense of belonging to their native land.

✼ Talent Lab RIDM 2020 — Recipient of Developpement Grant 

(c) Ariane Falardeau St-Amour